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End-to-End Logistics | Airpak Express

International End-to-End Logistics

Onboard Courier | Airpak Express

At Airpak, we offer a comprehensive range of end-to-end International Logistics Solutions, including:

International Hand-Carry Services (Onboard Courier)

Airpak provide On Board Courier (OBC) service solution that delivers time-sensitive and high-value goods in the fastest and most secure way possible. Airpak's OBC services provide a highly personalized and tailored solution for customers who need their goods delivered urgently and in a highly secure manner.

Airpak's Onboard Courier services are available 24/7, 365 days a year, and the company guarantees door-to-door delivery within the shortest possible timeframe. In addition, Airpak provides real-time tracking and concierge monitoring of all OBC shipments, giving customers complete visibility of their shipment's progress throughout the entire delivery process.

Common used case industries for onboard courier are

  • Semiconductor industries
  • Hi-Tech products
  • Aviation parts
  • Manufacturing Components

International Recovery Services

Our services encompass in-country customs clearance brokerage and delivery for both bulk freight and parcels. Shipments are sent directly to destination countries via air or sea for customs clearance, breakbulk, and delivery.

Our services include:

  • Destination customs clearance for bulk and parcel shipments
  • Importer of Record Services (IOR)
  • Parcel breakbulk
  • Bulk distribution of parcels and postal deliveries

Countries we serve:

Reverse Logistics | Airpak Express

International Reverse Logistics Solutions

Through our global network of agents and warehouses, we provide tailor-made cross-border reverse logistics solutions.

Our reverse logistics services include:

  • Origin Export Exporter of Record (EOR) 
  • Repacking and preparation of export documentation in origin countries 
  • Invoice switching in origin countries 
  • Buyers' consolidation and export freight management from origin countries 
  • E-commerce returns consolidation

International Transhipments (FTZ HUB Operations)

By leveraging our global logistics agent network, we offer transhipment solutions that reduce costs and expedite shipments. These consignments are handled in Free Trade Zones (FTZs).

Some notable examples of our services include:

  • Airfreight or sea freight to HUB for breakbulk and transhipment via express or postal services
  • Sea freight to HUB for transhipment via airfreight to reduce transit time
  • Airfreight to HUB for transhipment via airfreight for cost arbitrage
  • Airfreight or sea freight to HUB for transhipment via road freight to Malaysia or Thailand

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